what is the main cause of a seizure

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Our girl is 18 years old .She has been suffering from fits .She has been in college for a long time .There are a lot of cases of family anxiety .He was taken to a hospital in Hyderabad. All rights reserved .The disease is complete Is there any treatment to cure? Please advise us.


fits is just a sign of tension in the brain. But many see fits as a serious, six-fold, dangerous problem. But this is not true. This is a very common problem. Neuromuscular transmission of neurons in the brain. Fits occur when electrical activity in the nerve cells of some parts of the brain is exacerbated. They are also Caesars. Fits are not all the same. Depending on where this problem originates, what kind of fits will be determined based on the symptoms seen at the time.

Some people have fits even when they have brain clots. In such cases, clots may be removed with surgical treatment. Patients recover by themselves, usually with little or no medical help in the case of fits, but it is important to keep the patient comfortable at the time of the fits. This can be done without difficulty in breathing. When the fits comes, the patient falls asleep unconsciously and falls unconscious within a few minutes. If you do not regain consciousness within a few minutes, you should immediately rush to the hospital and provide medical assistance. Also, under the conditions of placing anything in the patient's mouth, locking iron objects such as locks in the hand and smelling of any leather item near the nose. Such actions have no benefit to the patient. In some cases they are also at risk of harm. When it comes to your girl, that means at every stage of a woman's life. . . Relaxation, monthly arrival, pride, breastfeeding, monthly stoppage. . . The hormonal effect is stronger at each stage. This can also affect the problem of fits. However, in 90% of cases, such as long-term treatment, medications can completely cure the disease. So as soon as you feel comfortable, show her to an experienced neurophysiologist and continue the treatment.

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