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The University of South Wales (UNSW) scholarship in Sydney provides students with good talent and financial resources. The details of this scholarship, which are exclusively for Indian students

The University of South Wales is known for its academic, research, and employment opportunities. The UNSW Future of Change India Scholarships is being offered as a scholarship for Indian students who are able to foresee the future demands. Those who study in Australia can check out this university. A tuition fee scholarship. Scholarships of up to $ 10,000. However, students must apply to UNSW by Term 3 - 2019 (September). These scholarships are available to students applying to undergraduate and postgraduate programs.


1. Be an Indian and live here. Australian permanent resident is a fee. Degree or PG programs from UNSW
2. For degree admissions. . All India Senior  School Certificate is one point (or more) 2 points (or) GCE A Level if the Indian School Certificate (ISC) is one point above the academic requirement.
3. For PG admissions. . Must have obtained a grade equivalent to UNSW GPA 70 from an accredited cosmology school.
                             Along with the application, the student will need to add a video explaining how this scholarship helps them meet their goals.

Option: Academic merit, student sent digital, video based. The recruiter will conduct an interview and provide scholarship to those who qualify.

For other details visit: https://www.international.unsw.edu.au/

Deadline to apply: July 31, 2019. Those who have already applied for admission can apply for a scholarship.

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