The lion king full movie free 2019

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Disney has released a new promo for Lion King 2019. In this promo, popular pop singer Beyonce voices the female lioness nala. 'Simba .. The time has come to ascend the throne' Nala .. The promo begins with a dialog with Simba. John Favreau directed the film. Simba (lion cub) arises in the savannah forests of Africa. Other creatures, including Father Mufasa, decide to make Simba the king of the jungle. But the birth of Simba is not to everyone's liking. Mufasa's brother Scar plans to take over the kingdom. How did Simba win by befriending her new creatures? That is the story of the movie. The movie is set to premiere on July 19 in the form of three animated technology.

The trailer begins with scenes where Simba's father Mufasa tells him how to be a real king, while the evil lion scare scares the little Simba. How did Simba get caught in the scare trap? How did his father Mufasa die? How did Simba end the scare that caused his father's death? Is a film story.

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