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The United Kingdom is in the first row of countries where worldwide students tend to favour foreign education. Educational institutions are well known for teaching and research. A few years ago, the number of foreign students recent years rising in selecting a slowing significantly in UK. Short term courses and fast track degrees are some of the attractions that have been consistently higher than in the UK universities in the Global University Rankings. These universities come from over 200 countries around the world annually. UK announces entry of foreign students to reduce impact!


The Great Britain Campaign and the British Council jointly offer 'Great Education Scholarships' to encourage Indian students to study in the UK. These are intended for students studying 15 types of UG and PG courses in 36 UK universities including Cambridge, University of Edinburgh, University of Southampton and University of Leeds. Candidates are offered a first year course tuition fee. Students with outstanding academic talents, extracurricular track record, and leadership qualities and ability are eligible for these scholarships.

UK education is more popular than the US! Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics and Political Science have long been renowned for their excellent education. It is here that great leaders and philosophers such as Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, Desmond Tutu and George Soros have read. More than a hundred Nobel laureates are from UK institutions. The game is also very popular in the game. It is a popular venue for sports such as football, tennis, athlete tics, rugby, cricket, snooker, goals, horse racing and cycling. 
                         Compared to the rest of the country, it takes less time to complete the UG and PG programs. This will greatly reduce tuition fees and other costs. The other side will receive scholarships. The online method of student visa is being implemented. With more students coming to the UK, the government announced it was looking for a better way to speed up the visa process.

Important courses

 There is a demand for different courses in the UK. They are the main ones

Business: Entrepreneurship, Analytics, Banking and Finance, Marketing
Science: Marine Biology, Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry
Engineering and Technology: Aeronautical, Bioengineering Ring, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical
Law: Criminology and Law, International Human Rights Law, Criminal Justice, Civil Law
Social Sciences: Anthropology, Psychology, Political Science, Linguistics
Sports Science: Sports Science and Physiology, Sports and Exercise Nutrition
Media and Communication: Journalism, Film and TV Studies, Screenwriting, Digital Media
Arts: Fine art painting, graphic design, fashion design
Hospitality: Hospitality and Tourism, Medical Tourism.

The best universities

University of Oxford University of Cambridge  * Imperial College London *  University College London * London School of Economics Mix and Political Science * King's College London * University of Edinburgh University of Oxford University of Glasgow * University of Sheffield * y * University of Durham, University of York * * X-ray Centre at the University of Nottingham, the home of the University of Leeds * * Castor University lawn.
IELTS or toefl can be written to determine English language skills. Required IELTS score: 6.5. A score of 6 is sufficient in some institutions. toefl Score: 90. Some educational institutions even allow for less.


 Students from non-EU countries will have four months to find work after completing the course. After this they are not allowed in the UK (Deportation). Many non-EU students go back home after completing the course. But those who want to get a job in the UK can apply for a 'Tier Two' Visa.

What's Visa? Tier Two Visa is a Tier Two Visa Sponsor's Licensed Employer . The wage earned through that job is at least Rs. 18.35 lakhs. There is a Four Visa Pilot Scheme for foreign students having a period of six months rather than four months after the completion of PG courses.

Deadline for admissions

United States and UK the admissions process will have to start 6 - 8 months before admission in September / October. 6 to 12. It is better to select and apply for educational institutions. For some institutions, applying for up to 3 months is a good idea. Admissions will be finalized in April. Classes begin in August / September. PG courses deadlines are a little late compared to deadlines of undergraduate courses. Apply directly to the respective universities. Deadline for Business Courses in Top Ranked Universities: late December / January

What is the tuition fee?

For classroom based degrees: Rs. 11. 03 lakh to Rs. 15.88 lakhs
For laboratory-based degrees: Rs. 12. 80 lakh to Rs. 19. 41 lakhs
For Clinical Programs: Rs. 18.53 lakh to Rs. 26.47 lakhs for MBA in top B schools: Rs. 14.12 lakh to Rs. 38.83 lakhs. This is a tuition fee fixed for the year.

Compared to the US and UK

Difference  between  American education and UK education. . The duration of the degree to which students study is less than a year to complete courses in the UK, compared to the US. Peggy takes 2 years in the US only one year in the UK. There are constant reading writing assignments in the United States. In some cases there may be no assignments throughout the semester, the cost of studying is slightly lower in the UK than in the US.


Most universities in the UK offer internships. There are many courses in computer science, electronics, business and hotel management. These should be completed within 6 months to 1 year after completing the course. Since these are not available at all universities, you must verify that an internship is possible before applying. If the student is able to secure a job as part of the internship process, he can continue in the UK. Then apply for Tier Two Visa.

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