how to get rid of heat rash on hair quickly

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Five years for our Boy. In the summer the heat has come down and the heat is reduced. Now there is no problem with the hair? Is there any chance of hair there in the future? What precautions should be taken?

This problem is usually caused by bacterial and fungal infections. Infection of the follicles in the head may cause hair loss. When malnourished, proper hygiene is not followed, shegods are caused by harsh chemicals. They usually fall on the toes, face, shoulders and buttocks. Some have close eyelashes and eyebrows. When they come in the head, the dandruff will dry out and the hair will fall out. This problem can spread if another person is using combs and towels. If you have just contacted the doctor. . . Preventive treatment for fungal infections. Some types of solutions and shampoos are given. Antifungal pills should be used when there is no effect. The most common of these shampoos is 2.2 doses include selenium, sulfide, and zinc. If you have fever, sore throat, or pain, you should be given antibiotics in low doses. Keep the head clean. Those who sweat the most should leave the day and head for the day. Hair as a child. . . Comes back. In rare cases new hair will not come. Then you have to take treatment. Antibacterial creams have the ability to reduce bacteria and yeast infections. Iron, Zinc, Selenium, * Biotin. . . Regular consumption of nutrients such as nutrients will help hair grow. Topical steroid lotion or injection is recommended if there is still no change. If necessary, undergo immunotherapy. Homemade Rose Marie's and Peppermint oil mixed with coconut oil is healthy. Hair grows. .

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