high heels for womens new look

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They don't like high heels without buying anything. . . Convenience if you can find out which ones are best for the occasion.
Before putting on height sandals. . .

Platform heels: Because the sandals are taller - the sole is slightly wider. . . all day long. These sandals are a great choice for a traditional outfit. Dresses that fit well into the body are good.

Cornhills: Just like in the name. . The front of these sandals is the cone decor. Tilo is like buying. These are the perfect choice for formal wear. It is better to limit them to special cases.

Stilettos: The thinner, the higher the height, three to six inches. The perfect choice for parties and clubs. First-timers should walk out once or twice.

Wedge Heels: Ideal for events such as brunch and dinner. The perfect choice for those who want to look taller. No matter how tall it is. . . Since the Soul is wide. . There will be no trouble for a long time.

Kitten heels: These are the perfect choice for parties and events in the work environment, as their height is less than two inches. This is why most of the time you wear them and walk, there is no difficulty.

These precautions are necessary. .
Platform heels are a good choice for those who are definitely in height sandals. Are proportional to the feet. If you have to walk long distances, it is advisable to keep a pair of flats along Nilo Valsina, as it is advisable not to wear them for more than three hours when trying other varieties. Or you should leave the sandals for a while. Then there is protection against back pain. 

The sixth are the pedic pods. Those who wear heels for a long time keep these in sandals. . The feet are comfortable. There will be no pain. The gel pads feel more comfortable. 

 Those frequent heels require proper exercise on the feet of the weaver. It is advisable to stitch the paws as far as possible before applying them. Place the tennis ball on the bottom of the foot. . . The ball should be rotated with the foot on it. Doing so will make the tight muscles loose.

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