AP Grama Sachivalayam Recruitment Jobs 2019

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The Government of Andhra Pradesh is setting up a new Village and Ward Secretariat. The company has issued notifications for heavy posts replacement for those in need. The employees are expected to be on duty by October 2. This means that those who attend these exams may be admitted to the government writing exams are a matter of months. In order to compete with millions, fresh candidates and seniors need to develop appropriate preparation strategies.

The total number of vacancies in the secretaries is 1,28,589 

The government of Andhra Pradesh has issued a notification to replace 1,28,589 posts. There are 95,088 village offices. They have 33,501 jobs in ministries. The test was announced on September 1. To be added to the duties by October 2. How to read the syllabus in a month and how to read this syllabus and get a post? “Many candidates are confused by the doubt. Experts say that following a four-pronged approach can improve your chances of success.

Focus on the particular subject

Related to the post selected in the first tier notification. One must first get a grip on the particular subject. This is the first step in a winning path. Here, the particular subject plays a key role in reducing the competition among the candidates. Therefore, it should take more than half of the total prep time, giving special emphasis to the particular subject items given in the syllabus.

Specific topics preferred

In the second tier, specific aspects of general studies should be given first priority. This syllabus will be somewhat easier for those who have previously prepared for competitive exams. At present, however, it is not necessary to study at that level depending on the test. This means that senior candidates do not have to repeat the old syllabus again. Each section of the syllabus lists some specific lessons. Therefore, it is of greater benefit if you are limited to those lessons in that section.

                          'How many questions from this part of the syllabus? 'It is not easy to predict. Seniors are likely to excel with the lessons learned in the past. It takes a long time for new prep candidates to understand the syllabus. It is advisable for the latest candidates to be able to prep the key chapters in the examination perspective with the help of experts and seniors. Newcomers also have the opportunity to achieve maximum marks with the right strategy, which looks more like the role of luck.

Knowledge of English and computing

The syllabus for some posts relating to the third tier includes General English and Computer knowledge departments under General Studies. Candidates generally get lower marks in General English. Once the latest candidates are in the first two, try to educate the rest. There is no doubt that most of the seniors will not have the right grip on them, which will contribute to their success. The basic basics of computer knowledge can certainly be expected in the form of queries. So this is the right way to become a better prepper.

A prospective based study

As per the fourth step, those who are always ready to take exams like Group 1 and 2 Panchayat Schemes should first get a better understanding of the different disciplines (the latest candidates). Past experiences can be overwhelming. This can focus on what is left of the syllabus. As part of this, you can read Indian History, Indian Economy, Science and Technology in Eternal Life, Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection. Most of these issues are likely to be based on current affairs. Candidates need to be prepared in that sense as well.

Answers to general doubts

* There is no class / grades clause in the minimum qualification. Those who have passed the Cause or any Grade are eligible to apply.
*Posts with minimum qualification of any degree can be made by everyone including BTech.
*Locality for currently announced posts is determined by district.
*Candidates can take the examination not only in the local district but also in any other district in Andhra Pradesh. For this, an additional fee of Rs.
* Localization is determined based on the certificates of where the female candidates are living after marriage. Appointments will be available only in those districts.
* Candidates can apply for the examination in their own district and in other districts under the non-local category. However, 20 percent of the posts in the Non-Local category are decided on the basis of joint merit list with the locals.
*Those who come to Andhra Pradesh from Telangana should already register with the respective Emmervo. They are local eligible. Deserve it.
*Those who are educated in Telangana and native there are not likely to get any job in these posts.
*There is no mention of EWS and Kapu reservation in the current notification. Don't let them get jobs under those stocks.
The minimum marks will be considered for ranking. There are no vacancies in that category unless there are minimum qualification marks.
* Those who write Final Year exams and await results are not eligible. Those who qualify by 1 - 7 - 2019 are eligible.

Deadline for Applications: August 10, 2019. Apply grama sachivalayam.

The latest candidates need to know.

When it comes to the Department of General Studies. . . . If you focus on the following in the short time available, you can get more results in less time.

1. General Mental Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interrelationship: It is possible to ask questions at the most basic level, unlike Group 1 and Level 2. Therefore, practicing the basics of basic janana results in better results. The Bank and Staff Selection Commission may not require a deep prep, like the Exam. Allotted hours per day to this section can be easily achieved.

2. National, International and Regional Trade Matters: The focus should be on the major international and national issues of the last six months. As a result, questions from this section can be easily answered.

3. Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes: Given the current trend, there is a need to ask more questions from various welfare programs in Andhra Pradesh. Good marks can be achieved if the government is prepared on the basis of the government's equity on various schemes taken by the new government for a few days.

4, Andhra Pradesh Geographical Factors: You can expect easy queries from Andhra Pradesh geographical examination. This is the section that can get high marks in the short term. Paying attention to the geo-economic aspects of Andhra Pradesh geography in the textbook level books can earn marks.

5. History of Andhra Pradesh: A large number of questions can be expected from this section. Especially in this short period of time, small kingdom administrations should be set aside. The history of the Satavahana dynasty, the rule of the Vijayanagara nobility, the rulers of the Cholas, the Chalukyas, the Pallavas, the events in Andhra Pradesh during the independence movement, the creation of a joint Andhra Pradesh etc. There will also be questions about famous people who excel in literature in a variety of arts.

6. Post-Partitional Problems: These are also popular in the current syllabus. In particular, questions arise on the co-operative orientation of the various problems of separation after the formation of the new government. Questions 3 - 5 are expected from this section.

7. Decentralized Governance: At present, the deluge of jobs is being seen as village and ward administration. The backdrop of this effort is the strengthening of village-level and ward-level governance. Considering this, there are likely to be questions about decentralized governance in Andhra Pradesh, mainly in India. As part of that, the 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments are likely to raise questions about the system of governance. This is because the test is likely to determine in advance what kind of services the people are going to hire in the village secretariat and ward secretariat. Therefore, the administration of the Constitution and the 73rd and 74th Amendments under the section of Polity and Governance can certainly expect questions on the constitutional provision. Keeping this in mind, you should prepare appropriately.

                           It may be almost impossible to maintain readiness in the present scenario on the basis of the new initiative. So the first is that if you are strongly prepared to focus on the second tier, the chances of success are greatly improved.

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