how to remove henna or mehendi

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How to remove henna?
Mehendi looks so good. But in a few days it will gradually become known. On hands and feet it becomes familiar. If you want to remove it completely. . . .

Lemon: Helps to remove mehendi on the hands and feet. Lemon has natural bleaching properties. Lemon slice into two nose and rub on hands and feet. Rinse with hot water for a while. Doing this twice a day will result.

Toothpaste: It contains millions of EEs that remove the color of mehendi.The toothpaste on the hands and feet should be covered with a thin layer of natural powder. Then rinse with water and wipe with a fluffy spring. Apply moisturizer. Doing this twice a day will result.

Cooking soda: It has the properties of a bitching agent. It acts as a mehendi from the skin. cooking soda and lemon juice should be made into dumplings. Add this mixture to your hands. Wash after five minutes. But keeping them for so long can make the hands dry and bare.

antibacterial soaps: These also serve to eliminate mehendi. Rinse with antibacterial soap and hand wash eight to ten times a day. The result is visible. Excessive hands make the hands dry. This is why you should apply moisturizer after washing your hands.

Salt water: It is an effective cleansing agent. This is Mehendi. Almost get rid of it. Take half a teaspoonful of water and mix with a cup of salt. Keep hands and feet in it for 20 minutes. Doing this twice a day will have results. Keeping it for a long time will dry the skin.

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