how to Polish Sterling Silver home tips

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Silver jewelery is now more popular. They change color, no matter how much they like it. If we have such things in the house, let's sprinkle with the materials again!

 » Add a small amount of tomato ketchup on the silver jewelery and set aside for a while. Then wipe with a clean cloth and rinse with water. Wipe the wet amount to dry.

 » Put the hot water in the bowl and sprinkle detergent. In this case, you need to add two pieces of silver and add two to three minutes. Then the dandruff is dirty and shrivel. It is enough to thoroughly rinse the air into the air.

 » When a toothbrush is made of a toothpaste and a silver towels, it will soften. Finally wipe dry with a dry towel.

 » Insert a bowl inside the aluminum foil and add a silver jewelry and cook a little bit of cooked coconut water. Do not let it go. Then remove from the hot water and put it in cold water and prepare to use the shiny jewelry again.

» In a cup of water, add another milk saucepan. Add the spoon lemon juice to it and put it all overnight. In a bowl, pour two spoonfuls of salt and one cup of boiling water. In this water, mix silver pieces and give me half an hour. Then wash the face wash or shampoo on a little sponge and rub on the jewelry and wash with cold water.

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