Hemoglobin level is high causes and reduces

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Age is 18 years.. Recently he said that heme hemoglobin is too high for blood donation but no blood is taken. Anything else? Did you get any trouble before?

Once tested, hemoglobin is not high enough. Sometimes there are mistakes in the test results. There may be differences in one lab result and another lab result. Therefore it is advisable that you do a blood test once again in the lab. Tested two or three times if needed. . Hemoglobin doses should then be determined. Generally, hemoglobin can be up to 17 G/dl in males and 16 G/dl in females. Anything higher than that, and a variety of factors - can contribute. We see a high prevalence of hemoglobin in people who smoke regularly and in high places. Depending on your child's age and location, this may not be the case. Hemoglobin production is increased
(polycythemia), and any hemoglobin production in the kidney can increase hemoglobin doses if there is any problem in the red blood cell's bone marrow. Certain medications may also contribute to this. So it's important to know what the real reason is. Cacao if needed! Mutations and bone marrow examinations are required. So it is best that you consult a general physician or a hematologist once. Identify the cause. . Indicate if any treatments are needed. Excessive hemoglobin can cause blood clogging and microvascular clogging. This can lead to serious problems. So ignoring it is not appropriate....

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