Breast loose avoid and breast loss

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Then the breasts loose. . Problem: My age is 30 years. Got married two years ago. The breasts became loose and slippery.babies are not born. If this is the case, it is scary how the children will be born. Is there any solution to this?

At a young age, breasts are loose but it is natural to get confused. Even more worrying if these babies get lost before they are born. It is not possible to do such operations now to improve the appearance. Especially with breast augmentation operation (Maestro Pexi), the chances of breastfeeding are reduced. So after the birth of children. . It is better to try to correct the thought of the child. Breast size naturally increases during pregnancy. It was after Kanu. . It can be difficult to return to the previous position, even if the baby has stopped breastfeeding. Become loose. So now, just like operations, there is not much result. Some problems may arise even if the operation is a bit tighter. So it's best to wear a bra until then. It stands up against the breasts. Looks rather loose.

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